Alexis Destoop 

º1971, Belgium


Through multilayered constructions in photography, installation and film, Alexis Destoop’s work explores the workings of the image and narrative, the experience of time, and the processes of identification and memory. His practice originates from photography but has been influenced by his experience in the performing arts as well as his studies in art history and philosophy.

Referencing classical representations of the human figure, his earlier works focus on duration and performativity. More recently, landscape has become his primary subject matter, which he treats with all its stratified meanings and histories.

Destoop is particularly interested in the artificiality of landscape: rather than treating it as a sublime natural object, he approaches it as a thoroughly human construct. This explains the decision to explore and investigate contentious zones where global and local processes and interests collide and intertwine, and where it becomes possible to rethink notions of center and periphery, self and other.

Blending fact and fiction, history and speculation, Destoop offers a fragmented, subjective cartography of the transitory states that constitute our present era.


2000-2002   Post-graduate / Master in Fine Arts at Le Fresnoy, Studio National des Arts Contemporains,  Tourcoing, France

1993-1997   Master in Philosophy, University of Ghent, Belgium Thesis on Gilles Deleuze’s concept of immanence, Dept. of Epistemology

1991-1993   Bachelor in Art History, University of Ghent, Belgium

Selected Exhibitions / Screenings / Presentations


2019 Northern Drift, premiere screenings and exhibition, Beursschouwburg, Brussels (BE), Pikene pa Broen, Kirkenes (NO)

2018 Plouton, solo exhibition, Chauffeur, Sydney (AU)

2017 Four Directions of Heaven, solo exhibition curated by Ive Stevenheydens,  Argos Center for the Arts , Brussels (BE)

2013 Heroine, premiere screening, Les Brigittines Art Centre, Brussels (BE)

2012 Kairos, premiere screening, Festival de l’Imaginaire,  film screening, Flagey, Brussels (BE)

2010 The Desynchronized Zone, solo exhibition, NEXT Festival, Kortrijk (BE),

2009 Almost Cinema, music & film performance, in collaboration with Oren Ambarchi and Stephen O’Malley, Ghent International Film Festival (BE)

2008 Evidence, solo exhibition, Benedengalerij cK, Kortrijk (BE)

2004 D@K,  solo show, Buda Fabriek, Kortrijk (BE)

2002, Protocol, solo show, Iselp, Brussels (BE)


2019, Topos of Time, group exhibition, curated bu Yulia Aksenova, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow (RU)

2019 Neuhaus, group exhibition, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam (NL)

2019 Hereafter, group show, Sonic Acts, at De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL)

2019 Field Meeting 6 / Thinking Collections, lecture-performance, ACAW, curated by Leeza Ahmady, at Concrete, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai (UAE)

2018 Everything was forever until it was no more, 1st Riga Biennale, group show curated by Katerina Gregos (LV)

2018 Contour 556, Public Art Biennial, group show, Canberra (AU)

2017 Spring 1883, art fair, The General Store , Sydney (AU)

2015 symposium and presentation, organized by Argos, BSB, SIC, Brussels (BE)

2015 Q&A, video installation with Various Artists, Galeria Continua, San Gimigniano (IT)

2015 Thinking Currents, group exhibition curated by Leeza Ahmady, Seattle Art Fair, Seattle (US)

2015 Field Meeting , lecture performance, curated by Leeza Ahmady, Asian Contemporary Art Week, Arsenale Officer’s Club, Venice (IT)

2015 Art-ivism, group exhibition cureated by Luk Lambrecht, Museumcultuur, CC Strombeek/SMAK, Brussels (BE)

2015 Aesthetics after Finitude conference & group exhibition, UNSW, Sydney (AU)

2014 Field Meeting, conference and presentations curated by Leeza Ahmady , Asian Contemporary Art Week, Asia Society Museum, New York (US)

2013 Borderless, group exhibition curated by Frank Maes, Galerie Emergent, Veurne (BE)

2012 All our Relations, 18th Biennale of Sydney, group exhibition curated by Catherine De Zegher, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney (AU)

2012 Cantus Firmus, group exhibition curated by Tim Voss and Christophe Meierhans, W139, Amsterdam (NL)

2010 Nightshifters, group exhibition curated by Bec Dean, PSpace, Carriageworks, Sydney (AU)

2010 Pittoresk, group exhibition, Museum MARTa, Museum of Contemporary Art, Herford (DE)

2009 Beyond the Picturesque, group exhibition curated by Frank Maes and Steven Jacobs, SMAK Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent (BE)

2008 Dans la nuit, des images, group exhibition curated by Alain Fleischer, Grand Palais, Paris (FR)

2007 Territoires de l’image, group exhibition curated by Madeleine Van Dooren, Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing (FR)


Residencies / Research (recent and ongoing)

2020, Iaspis Studio Residency, Stockholm (SW)

2019 - ongoing On-Trade-Off, in partnership with Enough Room for Space, Brussels (BE) & Picha, Lubumbashi (DRC)

2017 - ongoing Nuclear Culture, group research, workshops & presentations, Z33 (BE) and Ele Carpenter (Goldsmiths, UK), in partnership with Niras-Ondrav & SCK-CEN, various locations (BE)

2018 Northern Drift, 5 residencies, Pikene pa Broen, Kirkenes (NO) between 2016-2018

2016 - 2018 Conspiracies against the Sun, residency  with Prof. Dr. Peter Eckersall, Io Myers Studio, UNSW, Sydney (AU)

2015 -ongoing Mirdinan, field research with the Goolrarbooloo community in collaboration with Prof Dr. Stephen Muecke (Experimental Humanities, UNSW), Sydney (AU)

Selected Texts / Publications

 2017 Four Directions of Heaven, essay, Dominiek Hoens, De Witte Raaf  #186  (BE/NL)

2014 Shade Themes from Kairos, soundtrack and themes, Drag City Records (US)

2012 All our Relations, exhibition catalogue, ed. Catherine De Zegher & Gerald MacMaster, 18th Biennale of Sydney

2011 Under the influence, interview by Ian Mundell, Flanders Image magazine, # 21

2010 Nightshifters, exhibition catalogue, Ross Gibson & Bec Dean (ed.) PSpace, Sydney

2009 Beyond the Picturesque, exhibition catalogue, SMAK, Frank Maes & Steven Jacobs  (Ed.)

2007 Territoires de l’image, exhibition catalogue, Le Fresnoy, Madeleine Van Dooren (ed.)

2007 L’’invitation au voyage, image & text intervention on photography,  Etcetera #106

2005 Usurious  Logics, essay, Dominiek Hoens in ‘What are you doing ? », texts on video-art,  Jan Van Eyck Academie, ed. Robbrecht Vanderbeken

2004 Exposer l’image en mouvement, essais,  Anne-Laure Chamboissier, Philippe Franck, Eric Van Essche(ed) La Lettre Volée, Bruxelles

2003 Het kei zal zich wel teren, essay, Elke Van Campenhout in Etcetera #87

2002 Panorama 3, exhibition catalogues, Christophe Khim (Ed.), Le Fresnoy

2001 Panorama 2, exhibition catalogue, Le Fresnoy